The Comedian: Oi Polloi’s Deck~Out 420

Oi Polloi runs a series called the Deck~Out where they style an outfit that turns the wearer into some sort of sartorial superhero, complete with an origin story, repressed memories and an urgent agenda. This week’s, Deck~Out 420: The Comedian.

Deck~Out 420

“Ah, Deck~Out No. 420… very funny. Go on then, let’s hear that joke. While you’re at it, why don’t you write it down? Why not expand the joke into a five-minute set? Why not even go the full nine yards and develop those five minutes into a full hour? Toiling in the underground open-mic circuit for years, slowly honing your hobby into a perfectly-calibrated craft is a fine way to fritter away your golden years.

“But who knows? You might get discovered by a talent scout. Ascend to the big leagues. Sell out stadiums and area tours, telling silly jokes to audiences of thousands. Then, just when you thought you couldn’t get any bigger, you score a Netflix special and your refined, high-brow comedy is beamed into every television/laptop/phone screen in the world.

“So go on then, let’s hear it… first one to crack wise wins either a lifetime of superstardom or our eternal scorn.”

Oi Polloi’s Deck~Out 420 features bits from Gramicci, Akila, Nanga, Kavu, orSlow, Anonymousism, Snow Peak and Keen.

Oi Polloi’s Deck~Out 420

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