Dhu Checkerboard Jersey


Now here’s something pretty special for you, it’s performance cashmere®. Yeah that’s right cashmere that you don’t just wear when you know that there’s no sticky fingered toddlers, glasses of red wine or gravy boats within a fifteen mile radius.

Constructed from the finest quality Mongolian cashmere Dhu’s super comfortable, lightweight base layers, hoodies and jerseys provide the perfect warmth to weight ratio to suit a plethora of outdoor and sporting activities. They’ve also combined traditional Scottish knitwear expertise with their technical know-how to create perhaps what could be the ultimate crew neck jumper. Featuring a two-tone checkerboard design made using the wool form no less than four cashmere goats in a sporting fit just in case you want to pop up a mountain in it or go and sail a yacht somewhere. If this exceptional jersey were a car it’d be a Bugatti Veryon, albeit it a Bugatti Veryon you could also play chess on. Do the Dhu and buy yourself one here.




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