Diamond Supply Holiday Collection

Is it me or is everything going a bit SK8y?

As someone who lives just a few kickflips away from the actual SK8 postcode, I feel duty bound to let it all wash over me, then absorb it. I’ve also recently spent more time than I care to admit at the skateparks of the Greater Manchester area with my son, who is 12 years old today.

While I’m too old to spin 360s and not nerdy enough to discuss the merits of various types of griptape, I don’t think I’m yet over the hill enough to appreciate the skating aesthetic. I wore a long sleeved Patagonia t-shirt recently and it took years off me. Buoyed by that, I noticed these Diamond Supply Co¬†Low Life Longsleeve tees recently and found myself strangely drawn to them.

Printed in L.A they’ve got that West Coast streetwear meets skatewear vibe, though the latter is what provides integrity to the brand. They might not be that well known in the circles we mix in, but they’re steeped in skating steez history. Fifteen years of it.

Just as the nights start to draw in, we’ve got to do all we can to keep a bit of sunshine in our lives, and what better way to do it (other than, you know, go on an actual holiday), than wear a bit of Californian clothing.

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I had pizza for tea.

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