Dickies Launches ‘Icons’ Collection to Celebrate History

Dickies is celebrating. Founded in 1922 by C.N. Williamson and E.E. “Colonel” Dickie, the brand is on the eve of their centenary. So, to show their gratitude, and to reflect on the moments that made the brand, Dickies is relaunching various iconic pieces of their lineage: the 874 Work Pant, the Eisenhower Jacket, the Work Shirt, the Coverall, and the Bib Overall. 

These key items have been assimilated into Dickies’ DNA – subsequently defining the brand and what they stand for. Durability, reliability, flexibility. That last point isn’t just a reference to material, but to Dickies’ unique ability to be dressed up or dressed down. Originally designed for vehicle manufacturers and labourers, the brand has been adopted by all classes and stratas in life. Skateboarders and streetwear, rappers, musicians, and artists. Dickies has a clean aesthetic with silhouettes that even look good on the red carpet – remember that time Kanye wore an Eisenhower jacket to the Met Gala?

Dickies has set itself apart from other workwear brands with vibrant colourways, which the new ‘Icons’ collection celebrates.

The entire collection is live on Dickies site right now.

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