Dickies Life Denim Collection

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Having had denim at the core of it’s workwear heritage since day one, Dickies Life are paying tribute to their past with a denim collection that is both contemporary and timeless in it’s appeal. Using their 1920 denim workwear line as a starting point the new collection is just as functional but with a modern design aesthetic that includes their iconic indigo blue denim bib overall. The legendary 874 Work Pant has been given a denim re-work with the addition of the 874 Denim Work Pant whilst for those those after a slightly slimmer/lower waisted fit,there’s also a Denim Work Pant based on the shape of the 873. So whether you’re planning to pick up a hod full of bricks or the love of your life this weekend then you need to pull on some Dickies Life denim.

Check out the Dickies Life Denim collection here.


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