Dickies x Urban Outfitters

The workwear trend has thrown up some great stuff this last few years. There are plenty of brands who appreciate the aesthetic and faithfully reproduce it as out-and-about clobber.

Few have the authentic back story to reinforce the workwear theme though. Dickies do. With over 80 years’ experience in workwear manufacturing, generations of workers still trust in Dickies stuff to this day. Ok so it’s not quite the same as the stuff you see here, we’re not pretending otherwise. But it is good stuff, we’ve seen it.

After the success of the Hideout collab, they’ve now got into bed (oo-er) with Ur
ban Outfitters. This line is made specially for their UK stores, and is now into its second season. It’s all honest to goodness stuff which is inspired by Dickies rich history of workwear and cultural heritage from prep to skateboarding and more.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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