Dr. Martens x Vetements


I like it when super cool European labels do creative stuff with Dr Martens as it’s a welcome reminder of the huge impact the beloved British brand has had on the world. Vetements are an urban and slightly subversive French fashion label renowned for creating exaggerated proportions and high-end streetwear with bold slogans as well as for their interesting collaborations with iconic brands. With DMs they’ve turned to their attentions to the classic ten eye boot that has been a mainstay of student riots, indie discos and artistic catwalk shows since those glue-tinged days of punk. Disregarding the need for laces they’ve removed them and stitched the tongue to the body of the boot and added a functional side zip. The words BORDER LINE are also featured on the reverse of the boots in block capitals to reflect how Vetements  like to bridge the gap between high fashion and street-wear.





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