Drifter at The Great Divide

Our admiration for a dead mad bag is well documented. You’ll forgive me if I don’t go down the route of a “my mother in law” type punchline there. The mad bags in this case are just actual mad bags.

Drifter make giddy satchels and bonkers backpacks (do people still say bonkers?). Not only are they real head turners and statement makers but they’re properly affordable. Like, the cost of a liquid lunch in a modest restaurant for you and a friend. Or maybe half the price of a trip from our Stockport heartlands to our nation’s capital. That’s right, for the same price as a train ticket to the twice-yearly #menswear trade show next month we could buy two Drifter bags from The Great Divide. Maybe we’ll just have to get both. £29 for a bag is nowt is it? Decisions, decisions.

Assuming you’re more decisive than I am, here are a just a few of the bag-shaped bargains available at TGD.

Rucksacks, messengers, backpacks and of course totes. It’s enough to make someone (an idiot probably) coin the phrase Totes Amazebags. Sorry, as you were.

drifter-8_large drifter-16_large drifter-23_large drifter-39_large drifter-59_large drifter_1_large drifter_30_large drifter_46_large

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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