Duffer Alberta Jacket

We seem to be featuring a pretty diverse cross section of jackets on here of late don’t we? When we started doing this website we decided we’d stick to featuring only things we’d personally wear. But then we realised we’re both properly fussy. And we also realised there was a lot of stuff out there we really, really liked but for one reason or another (age, confidence, beer gut) we couldn’t pull off. This is one of them. Oh to be svelte and seventeen again. Where did the years go? Where did the slim silhouette go? Greggs the baker will pay for this one day.

Anyway, enough introspection and on with the spiel on this nice bit of varsity steez.

Do we need to patronise you about Duffer? No? Good. It’s Duffer isn’t it. Everyone knows the script with Duffer. Where they came from and all that stuff.

The inspiration for this stadium jacket comes from a genuine article, produced as far back as 80 years ago for Alberta college students. The D patch comes from lettermen who participated in sports and received badges and medals for there achievements which where also applied to their jackets.

This updated version has snap front studs and is insulated for cold-weather wear and comes with a brushed cotton shell.

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