Korea’s East Pacific Trade 

East Pacific Trade, or EPT, aims to recreate the minimalist silhouette made popular by skateboarding.

east pacific trade

Skateboarding’s influence on fashion has never been so pronounced. Sometime during the 2010s, all the things that got long-haired skate kids bullied in school became cool. Grunge plaid shirts, baggy jeans, shredded éS, Vans. This was the 90s skate uniform that transitioned, as skate clothing was taken up by people who don’t skate, into Supreme, Thrasher and streetwear in general. 

Over in Korea, EPT wants to build on the skate ethos by experimenting with independent design and cushioning techniques. The brand builds on the fusion of sneaker culture and skateboarding shoes by presenting a series of simplistic and neutral shoes. 

The Dive Layer silhouette features a bulky gum sole that offers protection, and couples this with a minimalist vision not a million ways off from a Vans old skool. The Court channels Dunlop energy with a Korean twist. 

Head to Yards Store for the full selection.

East Pacific Trade at Yards Store

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