Eat Dust Clothing

Maybe I’ve been reading too many Dennis Hopper books but in my latest quest for denim perfection I fancied going a bit ‘Johnny Strabler’ and so headed in the direction of bearded Belgians Eat Dust and their impressive brand of speedway friendly selvage. For me denim worship is the nearest I get to following a religion and whilst we’re making holy metaphors, I reckon this distinctive denim wear is just the kind of jeans that the beelzebub himself would dig. Impressed that Son of a Stag and Garbstore are stockists I went for a pair of Fit 76 jeans, that arrived in an old school, American brown paper grocery bag alongside a letter in a wax sealed envelope, some drinks coasters (also attached to the belt loop), shiny stickers and a beer bottle cooler thingy, all of which bore Eat Dust’s cool ‘Biker skull’ logo. And though it’s all about the jeans, it’s just this kind of extra detail that makes me instantly connect with a label and I could feel the warmth of our kindred denim love spreading all the way from Belgium via the contents of that wonderful brown bag.  Then came the important part, the moment when you try a pair of brand new jeans on and hope  to hell that they are going to fit in all the right places. Usually there’s something wrong, even if it’s just a little thing, too wide, too tight, too long, too tapered, too thick.. But no, this pair clung to my legs like an elderly relative would do whilst trying to get out of a swimming pool i.e. firm but not constrictive. In fact these Eat Dust jeans feel so right, then surely the next logical move is buying a Chopper right? Do Raleigh still make them? In all seriousness though the ‘Fit 76’ are one of the best pairs of jeans I’ve worn in a long time; 131/4oz double ring Japanese indigo selvage, copper buttons, heavy cotton front pockets, double prawn fly buttons and an all round feel of denim authenticity with added Rock ‘n’Roll!

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