Edwin T-Shirts at WCH

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Though Joey from Working Class heroes usually waxes lyrical for us on a Friday, this week he’s too excited about their new drop of Edwin t-shirts to wait. So sit back and prepare to have some serious menswear science dropped upon yourselves…

Edwin T-Shirts to get you through the heat

It’s clouded over a little bit but it’s still absolutely baking up north. Can’t speak for the south, but the weather man is assuring me that you’re all sweltering down there as well. In the Lakes it’s prime weather to slap on some shorts and a tee and bomb it up a hill. Or a mountain. Speaking of mountains [cue clean segue]

We’ve just landed some new Edwin tees, and they’re pretty Fuji-heavy. The highest mountain, an active stratovolcano and one of the “Three Holy Mountains” of Japan, they’re really been sending it with the tributes. There’s the ‘Sunset On Mt Fuji’ tee, in long and short sleeves, the ‘Fuji San’ tee and the ‘From Japan With Love’ tee makes a return in an LS silhouette. The ‘Japanese Sun’ tee is back as well, a more vague nod to Edwin‘s heritage.

Have a bod up to the Lakes and crawl up Scafell Pike. Or just go to the pub, at least you’ll look zen whilst slamming back a pint of Asahi.

Get an Edwin T-shirt from Working Class Heroes here.


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