Eleven New York Football Socks

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As most of us know, Yanks know next to nothing when it comes to football. But our friends over at Eleven New York are challenging stereotypes with these luxurious German merino wool socks, even though somebody should probably let them know you don’t play football in sliders. Come on guys, it’s not hard… 2 teams, 21 players and an umpire.

Eleven are an independent football brand producing athletic wear designed and manufactured in the USA. Apparently the merino gives the socks natural moisture wicking performance and odour control. Pretty clever for a pair of socks. And that’s not all. They’re also produced with a tapered fit and extra cushioning around the heel and sole for maximum comfort. Definitely not your boggo┬ástandard Sports Direct quality. But if you’re like me, you’ve probably realised by now that nobody is jealous of your skills with a football. They will however be very jealous of your choice of socks. And its all about the socks. Scoring goals is overrated.

Eleven’s collection of sportswear can be found here.

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