END. x Gramicci “Kaleidoscope Camo”

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As the entire country prepares to start talking to each other in person a bit more, it’s important we keep those good habits we’ve been forced into, namely a newfound appreciation for nature. Perhaps with this in mind END. have snagged Gramicci as their guide on what is a debut collaborative voyage, in “Kaleidoscope Camo”.

While the outdoors may be the place Gramicci was born (Yosemite, 1982, fact fans), they’re keen to embrace city-centric life too.

This 9-piece capsule embraces camouflage patterns that are more suited to helping you stand out rather than merge into your surroundings.

As you can imagine, all of this is bang up our street, down our lane and top of our trail.

The collection will launch online on 29th May via END. Launches.

I had pizza for tea.

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