Engineered Garments AW16

I used to do these, for Oi Polloi a few years ago. In the end I ran out of mad characters to create, until now that is.

This latest Engineered Garments collection, out later this year, has me in mind of slightly futuristic French resistance fighters. Like if Kyle Reese came back from the future to ensure the survival of his future leader/own son, but instead of the future being all mad laser guns and rats on toast, and robots kicking people in the jaw, it was in fact a society where Steam Punk is a mainstream high street trend and Serge Gainsbourg is a deity.

Of course, as with every season, this EG collection is styled in a way the average pot-bellied father of three from North West England could not really pull off. That’s part of what makes it appeal though. They could dress it all up like a post-casual Englishman with a beard, a scar and a pair of Reebok Classics, but that would all be far too ‘by numbers’ and not really their thing anyway.

Instead, we’re left to imagine. And when I imagine, I imagine a character who sings songs about bawdy sailors in an ancient yet futuristic dialect, all while wearing the most amazing Japanese/American clothing, which is incidentally absolutely timeless.

See the rest here.

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Mark Smith

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  1. i am actually looking the same age as most of them above!!
    i must be able to pull it off!

  2. Can we get you back to writing the O.P Deck-outs again? They’ve gone downhill these past few years.

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