Engineered Garments Cord CPO Shirt at Oi Polloi


If clothing were cooking this’d be my ingredients list:

Corduroy (in wide waled, earthy colours)

Pockets (shit loads, including one on the arm)

Patches (on elbows and shoulder)

Press Studded Fastenings (to colour match the shirt)

Put it all in a big bowl, mix it around abit, and look what you’d pull out; one of these ‘cordon bleu’ classics in the shape of these CPO Shirts from Engineered Garments.

Now I’m not saying Daiki is Delia; but when it comes to engineering a garment his brand does it like the mouthy Norwich one cooks eggs.

Where some see unnecessary complications and over working items, others (me included) see precision and beauty…at least with the items Mr Suzuki cooks up; I can’t really comment on Delia’s eggs…but I’m sure they’re right.

Available now in three autumnal ready colours: Olive, Brown and Navy from those Soup Kitchen like cooks at OiPolloi, these shirts are going to see you through the arse end of the summer and well into the forthcoming cooler months.



But you’re going to have to be quick else they’ll be gone like a plate of Eccles Cakes hot and fresh out the kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen.



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