Engineered Garments Fatigue Pants at Oi Polloi

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These Engineered Garments kecks look like something Ernest Hemingway would have worn during his war-correspondence days and post-war fishing trips, so I think this write-up is as good an opportunity as any to cheaply imitate his wonderfully uncomplicated and direct writing style. Here we go.

Mr. Suzuki did a fine job on the trousers. A man should have practical pants and that is what they are. The front pockets are large and deep and the back button-pockets are a good size too. They are made of fifty percent cotton and fifty percent nylon so they are strong and will last a long time.

They are tapered but not too much. This is good because they do not look like Gestapo jodhpurs and they do not look like Kim Jong Un’s shoe-hiders either. They are just right. I hope I do not get hit in the leg by shrapnel again because a beautiful nurse would have to cut them off me in hospital and then I would never be able to love her.

I can wear the Fatigue Pants with my boots or my shoes and they look just as good either way. You can tell a lot about a man by the way his trousers rest on his footwear.

I will go fishing in them tomorrow morning after coffee. In one pocket I will put spare line and a pocket knife and in the other I will put a small bottle of wine. In a rucksack I will pack more coffee in a flask and also some bread. It is good to take food even if you are not hungry when you set out because you do not know what the day will bring.

There is nothing left to say now except a farewell to garms. (Sorry. Going. Goodbye.)





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