Engineered Garments Short Poncho


Said it before on Twitter, but being a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy (lets deny the existence of those risible ‘prequels’) has a lot to answer for. I’m convinced that alongside the excitement, romance and suspense the films offered a 7year old lad; integral to my enjoyment was the clothing on show.  

From the Woolrich-esque snow parkas seen during the Hoth Battle scenes at the beginning of Empire Strikes Back, to the modern military chic the Rebels wore on the forest planet inhabited by those little furry buggers The Ewoks; the style of Star Wars is something that has subconsciously stayed with me. And as I re-watch them now alongside my own lad (I know; I was a teenage father *looks to camera*) it’s the gear (and Carrie Fisher) that keeps me watching.

Now I’m not saying the folks at Engineered Garments have been sneaking a peak at Return of The Jedi, but they have created a piece that would fit right into the realms of Endor; and turn even the butchest of Stormtrooper’s gay for you.


Daiki just knows, doesn’t he. Pockets. Details. Quality. We like them and Sir Suzuki delivers.  In this case he’s done it.  Again.  But this time in the shape of something we could comfortably wear on a speeder bike chasing baddies, or alternatively chasing Leia around the campfire.  He’s only gone and produced a pissing poncho.


Just look at it.  If Science Fiction was never your bag, then Vietnam Movies might have been; and this poncho’ll have you reeking of ‘Napalm in the morning’.


Massive front pouch pocket for your etched Zippo lighter.  Peaked hood, with drawstring to keep the tropical jungle rain out of your eyes.  This poncho has it all; and is going to have you looking all macho, macho man.  New York wins again no doubt about it.

Available now from the Urban Jungle Warfarers at Oi Polloi.

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