Enjoy the Car Chase – Oi Polloi bring back their Carhartt Classic

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Remember when Carhartt and Oi Polloi somehow improved on a classic? This sweatshirt is ostensibly a dead nice, hard-wearing sweat from a workwear brand you can trust. Their logo is instantly recognisable. How do you improve on it? How do you out-classic a classic?

You get Oi Polloi to pimp it up. Customise it. Fitting for a brand based out of the Motor City of Detroit, then?

With that in mind they went to Awesome GTI to shoot this hotly-anticipated re-release, and get us all revved up in the process.

These go on sale on Thursday 2nd. At just 70 sovs, you really can’t go far wrong.

See more here.

I had pizza for tea.

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