Euro 2016 Nice bit of Kit; Czech Republic

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Ahhh the Czech Republic. Everyone likes the Czech Republic don’t they? Nice country, lovely people, fine beer, beautiful scenery, Irish bars and Full English’s available on every street corner in Prague. What’s not to like? [sic].

That side they had a few years ago with Nedved, Poborsky, Smicer and that giant fella up front was always a neutrals favourite. Little bandy-legged fellas lumping it long to a big man up front never looked as elegant as it did with Bohemian sparkle added to it? They haven’t got the star names or much stardust these days, with only 56 year old Tomas Rosicky remaining from the glory days. Whilst the Czech’s remain an attractive side to watch, the unfortunately positioned chevrons on the front on their new Puma shirts give you all the information you need about the most likely finishing position of the Boho’s in a Group containing Turkey, Croatia and Spain.


Both shirts contain a subliminated tyre print running around the body of the shirts. There’s nothing in Puma’s marketing spiel about what this is but I think it is obviously in recognition of the Zetor tractor company and their pioneering innovations in agricultural vehicle production. It’s most likely to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of their development of fully integrated safety cabs with insulated, rubber-mounted suspension tbh.



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