Euro 2016 Nice bit of Kit: Hungary.

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A national team to excite the misty-eyed romantics, the Hungarians go to France for their first major tournament since World Cup 86 in Mexico and their first European Championship since finishing 4th in 1972. During the 1950’s of course Hungary were recognised as the world’s best, with players such as Ferenc Puskas and all those other lads that no-one can remember but make Brian Glanville erect. Nowadays they have the old Crystal Palace goalie who wears them muddy H&M sweat pants and a fella who used to play for West Brom.

In a similar move to that performed with the Northern Ireland away shirt, Adidas have made a shirt that harks back to those heady days of Mexico 86 when Hungary last qualified for anything and were famously spanked 6-0 by the USSR.

Hungary-Euro-2016-Home-Away-Kits-Vote (3)

The shirts the mediocre Magyars are turning-out in in France are beautifully simplistic and elegant. Decorated with a national crest that looks like something found on the ceiling of a Byzantine Chapel, both kits are pleasingly old school, with a collar straight out of mid-80’s Bundesliga catalogues, three stripes down the sleeves (where they should be) and a minimal amount of trim and nonsense.

Hungary-Euro-2016-Home-Away-Kits-Vote (1)

It’s one of the more pleasing shirts in the tournament and hopefully the Hungarians will go far enough in it to wear both of them at some point. I dunno though because I couldn’t tell you if Hungary are any good or not. They don’t have teams that qualify for the Champions League these days so that tells you something but they’ve qualified for France so they’re clearly better than Scotland. With the state of Scotland these days that tells us nothing though tbh.


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