Favourite Fives: Iain Trickett

Fellow North-Westerner and peddler of waffle ball bats Iain ‘TRiCKETTER’ Trickett has put together a favourite five for us that perfectly reflects his combined fondness for his native England as well as his love of ‘the American way’. Further examples of these two cultures can be found on Iain’s ace site where you can buy all manner of neat shit, from racoon hair gloves to bottles of Henderson’s relish. But before you start splurging, check out his selection of trans Atlantic treats here….

Item of Clothing

Newcastle United adidas 1995 – 1997 Home Shirt

Time was that football shirts were made for wearing to the match and taking your Mrs. out for a pie and pea supper after the game. The 90’s were a pretty experimental time for football shirts, but out of that madness came one of the most simple and beautiful shirts ever made. The Newcastle United Shirt featured the granddad collar made from cotton, the perfectly placed Newcastle Brown Ale logo and breathable polyester stripes and jock tab at the bottom with the adidas and Newcastle logos on pretty much completed it for me. All other football shirts never really did it for me. The fact that the team were doing some amazing things on the field in the shirt and one my all time favourite footballing heroes Les Ferdiand was at his peak in this shirt pretty much means that I will always love this item of clothing.


Willie Mays – The Life, The Legend by James S Hirsch

Willie Mays has always been a bit of a hero of mine, he was probably one of the most talented all around baseball players ever and he just so happened to play for my beloved San Francisco Giants. This book details a struggle and how hard he tried to become one of the greats. It also goes into great detail about how much he likes cheese and how much he now enjoys making it in his spare time. Weird eh?


DJ Shadow – Endtroducing

Being a reasonably young buck, I started to get into hip-hop in the late 90s going into the early 00’s so sadly I wasn’t paying attention to music in 1996 when this album was released (I was too busy looking at football shirts). I always preferred my hip-hop when it came from the West Coast and I had a brief period of falling in love with trip-hop. This album came into my life when I was looking for something to fill the void between Nelly and Autechre and Josh filled it. There was something so incredibly impressive about taking multiple pieces of music and blending them back together to create another piece of music.


Seabrooks – Rachael Crowther

I like crisps and I like acrylic on canvas and this just so happens to display both of these things at their ultimate best. I just like how all the colours blend together so well and how it almost makes a packet of crisps look like a galactic object. I’m also a fan of how it looks a bit like one of those adverts from 1950s America pushing the latest in crisp technology.

Something Else

Michael Jordan Jerseys

This has been an obsession of mine since I was very young, I always loved the winged North Carolinian since I first saw him at the 1992 Olympics. I was five and told my Dad that I had to have that jersey (along with Earthworm Jim for the mega drive which I didn’t get) and on Christmas day I got the whole jersey set and even wore it for my Christmas lunch, I am surprised I didn’t freeze. Vests inAccrington in December are usually reserved for the hopeless in general. Since then I made it my life long ambition to get every jersey that he ever wore and before you ask yes that includes the baseball jerseys the #45 jerseys and yes even the Space Jam jerseys. I completed the collection (I think) when my young lady bought me the allstar jersey he wore in the 80’s. Lovely girl and even lovelier jersey.


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  1. Swiss James

    I was with it up until the Space Jam jerseys. Takes all sorts.

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