Favourite Five: Keiran Sharples

If you’re in Manchester and looking for a top night out then Gorilla is always a safe bet. Amazing sound system, decent scran, lots of booze (especially gin) and some of the best musical acts the world has to offer are all under one roof (well several railway arches actually). One of the reasons for this being one of the rainy city’s mist vibrant and exciting musical venues is our mate Keiran Sharples, programming manager at Gorilla. We dragged him out of the legendary Whitworth street hot spot and demanded a favourite five from him. Which he did below before rushing back inside to sort out all the different coloured M&Ms into individual bowls for the Brand New Heavies.

Favourite Book

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I studied it for GCSE English and it just stuck with me.

Favourite Clothing

The majority of my wardrobe is Carhartt. It’s comfortable, long-lasting and I can get away with wearing it if I want to look smart too.

Favourite Music

I can’t really pick a favourite genre but my go-to, day to day, would be hip hop, mainly late 80’s and early 90’s. The golden age!

Favourite Art

I love art that makes me laugh without taking itself too seriously. I really love Joan Cornellà. And Chris (Simpsons Artist). Absolutely ridiculous and funny as fuck.

Something Else

Massaman curry and pizza. Separate or together. I’m easy!


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