Favourite Fives: Steve Sanderson

If we had to name Proper magazine’s influences, then the shop/legend that is Manchester’s Oi Polloi would be right up there at the top (alongside 10cc, John Shuttleworth and sarcasm). Although the store has only been around for ten years it has stamped it’s mark on the world of menswear in a totally unique, often copied (but never equalled) and inspiring North West of England way. Becoming a bastion of unpretentious, forward thinking sartorial know-how and the place to go to for clothing obsessives worldwide.  Despite this success, shop owners Steve and Nigel have remained with their well-shod feet firmly on the ground and are the same affable & clued-up tastemakers that they’ve always been. As Nigel doesn’t really do the internet, Steve very kindly offered to do the honours and give us his favourite five, check it…

Item of clothing
RRL slim jeans
The first pair of jeans that’ve not had to get altered (other than shortening)…I’ve always found it tricky finding the right fit, these are spot on (for me).
The Great Gatsby
It’s good.
Blue Velvet
My first experience of a David Lynch, it’s brilliant right from the opening sequence white picket fences with a twist…I grew up watching videos that mainly got banned…it’s the kind of stuff you get into when your a teenager growing up in Ashton.
Talking Heads – Remain in the Light
A brilliant album from 1980. I first heard it when i was pretty young 16, I always come back to it…amazes me how fresh it sounds….I grew up on Led Zep, Floyd & Sabbath I’ve got pretty eclectic musical taste..but there’s something about Talking Heads…
Something else
Porsche 964 RS
I love cars…this one was the last of the proper air cooled 911’s before they started messing about with shape… a proper car without to much computer jiggery pokery… totally usable for your daily transport, maybe little on the harsh side….I love that they kept working on something that was first created 30 years earlier…developing and tweaking it along the way… fantastic…


  1. Swiss James

    The cover of that Gatsby edition is a little smasher

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