Favourite Fives: Drew Taylor

Whilst we’ve not done a Fave Five for what fels like flipping ages we thought we’d come back with a bounce by getting a world record holding parkour expert to do us one. Drew Taylor is a YouTuber with over a million subscribers as well as being the founder of the Storror parkour collective. His urban-centric athleticism has led to him working all over the world from performing stunts for blockbuster movies such as Dr Strange as well as in front of huge audiences. We managed to coax him down from a really cool, brutalist building for five minutes to fill us in on some of this favourite things….

Book: Prisoners of Geography

I definitely geek out on all things geographical/anthropological – mainly because we’ve been travelling so much since such a young age. This book was a recommendation from another Storror member and it satisfied that part of my brain perfectly. It’s an essential overview of world geopolitics today. Although that sounds super boring, it’s actually so interesting to understand what lies behind everything we see in the news.

Clothing: Ellesse Mattar Green Hoody

I worked with ellesse on their AW18 campaign, and this was part of a huge package they hooked me up with and it really stood out. A zip hoody is so useful for training this time of year. I love the colour combination on this jacket – it’s so weird and definitely has a strong retro feel.

Music: Bump Your Neck #51

I find a lot of good music from asking Siri when I hear a song out and about. Recently, working in Italy we were having lunch in this kinda cool hotel and the music was incredible! After Siri failed to let me know what I was listening too, I had to go speak to the staff. They told me it was all from this obscure French mix on Soundcloud of which I am now an avid follower.

Art: Cavemen 3

The line between sport and art with what we do is a fine one. It’s as much about creative expression as it is athletic ability. This was a video from almost a year ago that Max and Benj (Storror) put together – I think it’s one of the finest examples of parkour as an art form you can find.

Something Else: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

A super common question we get asked – where is our favourite place? It’s so difficult to answer, there’s different reasons to choose different places. One I always rate highly is Rio – the balance of an exciting city with loads of stuff to do and world class nature in the form of beaches and jungle is so unique. The people are amazing and the culture is so fun. Eu amo Brasil!

Drew Taylor stars in the new ellesse My Style Is Who I Am Campaign for AW18.

The collection is available now and you can find out more at ellesse.co.uk/MyStyleMyRules

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