Favourite Fives: Pete Macnee

Stepping up to the plate for our latest fave five this week comes Adsum founder and head designer Pete Macnee. Though he does cheekily crowbar his own (admittedly ace) brand into one of his choices he does make up for this faux-pas later via the surprise inclusion of a jar of mustard. Speaking of mustard I bet you’re keen to know more now aren’t you?


I’m wearing mostly Adsum these days for tops and bottoms but I’m perpetually adding to my sock drawer. Having a good variety of socks is important because of how a sock interacts with a certain shoe. I’ll wear a thin White Mountaineering sock in my Sanders High Tops because the shoe fits snug and has narrow toe box. Thicker socks, like the Gosha Rubchinsky stripe sock that I just got from GOODHOOD, work better for day-to-day shoes like a pair of Vans Slip Ons or New Balance 1500s.
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A friend of mine who works at a gallery in NYC put me onto Dan McCarthy. Dan’s work is really original; I don’t anyone else making work like it. Each one of his face pots will have a different expression and color combo. It’s powerful standing in a room full of them. I admire his commitment too. This wasn’t a fleeting idea for him, it’s a group of work that he’s been dedicated to for a while.

Tom Thomson. He’s from the group of seven. They were a group of painters from Canada that travelled around together painting mostly landscapes. Interestingly, Tom died mysteriously in Algonquin Park which is a national park I grew up canoe tripping in during the summers.
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Alex Ferguson – Leading.  I picked it up in the airport on my way back to NYC from the Jacket Required tradeshow. I’ve followed Man Utd for the past 10 years. It’s interesting learning about Ferguson’s personal values and how they shaped the teams he put together over the years.
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I’m listening to Bruce Springsteen right now – Darkness on the Edge of Town. Springsteen was a perfectionist and you can hear it in his music. Super tight band. A few others I’m listening to right now :
Donnie Trumpet, Drug Cabin, Jadakiss  & Jeff Tweedy.
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Something else

Amora mustard. Goes on most things.
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