Favourite Fives: Simon Bolz

Being the pretty cool magazine that we are we’re lucky enough to know some incredibly talented photographers from all around the world and when it comes to Germany our main man is Simon Bolz. Who has just released a dead big, dead good, coffee table book crammed full of ace photographs that he’s taken of lots of rather stunning women. There’ll be a review coming to the Proper site soon but in the mean time we thought we’d find out all about this frisky frankfurter’s favourite five…


I am into wearing colourful sneakers. While such shoes were hard to get in Germany when I was younger, there has been a large selection available for a few years now. I always try to find sneakers that not everyone else has. But they must be comfortable at the same time. So currently I am wearing my adidas ZX Flux and as I hate tying shoes, I bought some XTENEX – ACCUFIT Compression Laces.



Music plays an important role in my life. I used to say that electronic music was the soundtrack to my soul. As it continuously changes, it is kind of difficult to name just one artist. Therefore I would like to point out a super cool mix by Nikos Sofroniadis
(https://www.mixcloud.com/Nikos_Sofroniadis/nikos-sofroniadis-mixtape-july-2012/) from July 2012. I still love it after almost three years.



I am quite picky when it comes to literature. Many stories bore me or I simply don’t like to read about topics such as war or illnesses. When I discovered books by the Italian writer Fabio Volo, I was blown away. His language is so dense and intense. And there is so much emotion in it. I can highly recommend his books and I am sure they were translated into English as well.



Hollywood movies are not my thing. But I love French cinema. It is more real and more creative. You don’t need special effects to tell stunning stories. One of my all time favourites is “L’auberge espagnole” by Cédric Klapisch. It is a story about a student going to Barcelona for a year where he meets other young people from other countries. It feels very authentic to me and I also love the creativity that was put into the filming and editing.


Something else

The sea calms me. I love looking at the horizon and spend hours doing this when I am visiting my favourite island Madeira. This photo shows one of the secret spots I love to travel to in winter time. It is very deserted and a great resource for recharging my batteries.



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