Favourite Fives: Takeshi Ohfuchi

We’re incredibly honoured that our good friend and main man behind Post O’alls Mr. Takeshi Ohfuchi has taken time out from creating his amazing clothing to tell us about his favourite five (well actually six) . Post Overalls/Post O’alls have been making their vintage American workwear inspired clothes for nearly twenty years now, meaning that those first pieces made by Takeshi will soon be entering the realms of vintage themselves. How mad is that? Taking all that is good from the past and making it even better, everyone should have some of Takeshi’s superb gear in their wardrobe.

Item of Clothing

 1930’s U.S. ARMY pullover denim fatigue shirt

Vintage has been my quest for a long time. Luckily, we have many great things from the past, and we have a liberty to wear them the way we like. Yet every once in a while, I have a habit that I want to be free from everything I know. Then, I flirt with something else for a while, but always come back to familiar vintage.  I guess vintage or new may not be an issue, the point is how I like it. I see more eternity in original vintage stuff……they tend to be raw, more powerful and organic. Some of them are good because the person who designed was good, I guess. I can feel the great person behind it. Now, I am into this pre-war US ARMY pullover denim fatigue shirt again, which was one of my major inspirations when I started POST O’ALLS. Bad and challenging fit, great fabric, sloppy jobs, strong, primitive and unique design, not easy to go with anything……I really can’t part with it.


Rock Dreams

I acquired this book through Amazon a couple of months ago……but I had one when I was mid-teen.  I used to take the pages out and post them on the wall of my room…… and, after all these years, it looks still fresh and even more vibrant.


Miles Davis

Ever since I got hooked on vintage Blues music in my mid-teens, Black music stayed with me and blues was closely followed by Soul, Funk, and Jazz.  A lot of songs have been worn out, but some stay. My regulars are Bluesy Jazz, Jazz-Funk and some jazz for the last 30 years and Miles Davis stays on somewhere on top of my list even though I don’t listen to his stuff too often.  His stuff is really himself, or it’s a Genre by itself – and that doesn’t fade away, maybe because I am interested in what he did and the man himself


William Eggleston

I kind of rediscovered William Eggleston’s stuff recently. I’d seen his work before, but it feels much more important to me nowadays. Beautiful colors……great everything.

 Something Else

Darius Kinsey (photographer) & Alain Weill

I always thought vintage loggers in the U.S. North Western regions are really cool. This photo book contains a lot of photographs that were taken almost 100 years ago. You can find vintage cruiser jackets along with pullover work shirts and railroad jackets and other goodies in there. Unlike many of the vintage workers’ photos, the way they wear, what they wear, how they appear are extremely inspiring.

 S A Garde-Robe by Alain Weill

This book, introduced to me by Mr. Asakawa from PUEBLO (a vintage clothes store in Tokyo ( ), is really inspiring.  As the time I am writing this, I had good news that people at COWBOOKS ( ) managed to have found one for me. The way Mr. Alain Weill wears is really eccentric…..somewhat out of this world, yet that inspires us a lot because it is indeed simple and reasonable in its own way.


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