Favourite Fives: Thomas Barnett

As he shares our love of the beautiful Peak District and makes really nice shirts and that, we asked our mate Thom Barnett for a backy to Bakewell and on the way jotted down his favourite fives for your reading pleasure. Although changing his mind at the last minute and deciding to omit ‘spoken-dokeys’ from his list, we think it’s still a pretty cool collection which perfectly reflects his up and coming new label Mamnick.


Item of clothing

At the moment I’m loving this Rapha wind-jacket. When you’re out riding you’ve got to have the right kit. It can make or break a ride if you get it wrong and this piece has been performing amazing for me the couple of months. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to late winter/early spring riding – breathability and water resistance, as well as being lightweight and ideal for  packing down into a jersey pocket. The Peak District isn’t a nice place to ride the bike if you get caught out by the weather.


I prefer non-fiction, very rarely do i read fiction and i usually spend a lot of time reading about history in one form or another. I’m not sure if Louis-Ferdinand Celine’s ‘Journey to the End of the Night’ is all entirely true because it’s labeled as a   semi-autobiographical work. It’s described by the anti-hero Ferdinand Bardamu, a straight-talking nihilistic dude with a unrelieved pessimism in regards to human nature, society and basically life in general. All this through cynical humour – It’s absolutely fantastic. Celine suffered great trauma in his experience of the Great War between 1914-1918 and it all come out in this beast of a book. The original is rare as hens teeth and he went on to influence Bukowski who i think called him “the greatest writer of 2000 years”.


I don’t listen to modern music that much nowadays but i do really like this band from New York called Black Dice. They’ve got a pretty unconventional approach to their  stuff and use a lot of custom electronic instruments to make music. They’re totally unique and It’s pretty tripped-out stuff. Some of their video’s are made-up of old US television commercials that have been cut and spliced. I suspect it’s the music equivalent of a bad acid trip! Their ‘Beaches and Canyons’ album changed the way i looked at music when i was 16 and they’re latest record ‘Mr. Impossible’ pushes the boundaries even further. Punks in the traditional meaning of the word, not smelly-studded jacket wearing low-lifes living in squats.


I studied art so i’ve seen my fair share over the years. Decorative art is good for hanging in the front room but I’m still always keen to look at the more contemporary stuff, artists that do more than just pick up a pen and draw a vase. I think Daniel Eatock is worth a mention and is one of my favorite artists at the moment. His work is full of paradoxical encounters with the everyday and he has an ability to always look outside the box. His sculpture’s are simple and he manages to put two things together and create some kind of visual pun or poetry that i will always be in awe of. It looks easy but they’re some very cleaver semiotics going on. I’ve chosen the stone that weights exactly 1 stone here. Its a good example of his work but there is tones more of it to be explored on his website.

Summat Else

This is my winter / commuter bike. It was given to me by a close friend when i first got into road bikes. It’s by no means the lightest machine in the world but it keep me fit through winter and i use it on a daily basic to keep the Mamnick ship sailing by riding it to the factories i work with. It’s very rare that it doesn’t get rode at least once a day and although it doesn’t look pretty, it’s reliable and that all that counts. The seat post is ceased at exactly the right size for me which means it’s practically worthless to anyone else. I’d like to think I’ll be riding this for the next 10 years, touch wood.


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