Favourite Fives: Tom Kirkby

What’s the time? It’s Fave Five O’Clock my fun-loving friends. Stepping up to the plate today is our good mate Tom Kirkby who describes himself thus ‘I run, I’m 25, from Leeds, total gobshite‘. Take it away Tom…
Clothes – American Apparel White Pocket T-shirt
I know this isn’t going to do me any favours for my menswear credibility (ha, what credibility) but it needs to be said: The American Apparel t-shirt is the best fitting tee available. You can take your Hanes and do one, I’m 6’3″ and can do without looking I’m wearing a belly top after just one wash thanks. The perfect basic? The wardrobe essential? Yes. Case closed. serve
Music – Hell Is For Heroes ‘The Neon Handshake’ 
Along with a few other questionable options, this is a without a doubt my favourite album ever. It was a central part of my youth (mentally, a stage I’m still very much in) and they cut through the UK scene in a blaze of glory before bowing out before they could be mauled by major labels and put out anything less than they were capable of. I think they’re all teachers now or something? hell-is-for-heroes-the-neon-handshake-aotd
Film – ‘Voices’ – Joe Cox
I can put a BMX video as a film right? Fuck it, I am. Voices was ~the~ seminal UK BMX video from the early 2000’s, and it put UK street riding on the map. It changed everything and reignited our small scene in a way that a video never had done before. Whats even better was that it was created in Sheffield. True northern BMX grit. 68597f652f35c1775d7648f2027f0111
Art – Prefab77
My boys from Newcastle, been killing it for as long as I can remember and they certainly don’t get the credit they deserve.
Something Else – Archer
If you’ve not seen this utterly brilliant cartoon then what the fuck have you been doing? It makes Netflix actually worth the fiver a month. If you think egotistical, self centred, foul mouthed, womanising drinkers are your ideal lead character in a cartoon then I think you may enjoy this. Trust me. 


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