FILMISH – A Graphic Journey Through Film


Have you ever wanted to do a university degree in film but simply haven’t had the time, the money or a high enough tolerance level of annoying students wankers to do it? Well thankfully cartoonist Edward Ross has saved us all four years of pen pushing pain as he’s created a graphic masterpiece entitled ‘Filmish’ which takes us on a thoroughly entertaining journey through the corridors of celluloid that can be read in pretty much the same time it takes to watch a silver screen classic (apart from Das Boot obvs). Like a storyboard the story of the cinema unfolds in graphic novel form using quotes from esteemed critics alongside scenes from history’s most important films. Like many of the ground-breaking, genre defining films that are covered in this book Filmish manages to package intrigue, action and historical fact up into a hugely entertaining story that you really don’t want to end. I also guarantee that after reading this book you’ll also feel your IQ has had a jump-start as well as making a list of all those seminal films it mentions that you’ve still yet to watch. Filmish is essential reading for ‘anyone’ who considers themselves even remotely interested in the world of film.

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