Five from the Archive – C.P. Company

It’s been 50 years since C.P. Company was started. To celebrate, the brand is relaunching five t-shirts from their 50-year archive. 

It’s not often that we get excited by a t-shirt release, but these t-shirts are more than that: each one represents a milestone, a completed era, a moment in time. The first t-shirt, complete with Chester Perry branding, features an industrial print that throws back to the early factor that C.P. was named after. 

Following that, a print referencing the iconic C.P. sailor and a resurrected Flatiron building (C.P.’s first New York store, designed by Italian architect Toni Cordero). In 1989, C.P. became supporters of the Rainforest Foundation. A promotional t-shirt was released, now re-released, showcasing the depth of rainforest destruction between 1900 and 1990, contrasted with a not-so-distant future prediction of 2050. 

Finally, a t-shirt commemorating the timeless Mille Miglia jacket, with a stand-out red block of colour, which was featured on the jacket when it was first released. 


You can find more details and browse the collection directly with C.P. Company. 

See more at C.P. Company.

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