Fjällräven introduces new, super-sustainable Tree-Kånken

Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven has been a favourite in our part of the world for a long while now. Before it became quite so ubiquitous, the brand which brought us classics like the Greenland jacket and the Kånken bag was metaphorically ripping up trees and finding favour with those ITK types around here.

Their classic Kånken bag is a commuter staple in any big city, but it’s the outdoors to which it’s linked. As the brand seeks to push things forwards, their latest development is the Tree-Kånken.

This sustainable style explores alternatives to fossil-based materials by introducing the lyocell process into the hardware sector. This unique Kånken backpack is made from Pine Weave, a new 100% plant-based fabric made from spruce and pine trees sustainably grown in northern Sweden.

The Tree-Kånken bears all the hallmarks of the version which made its name, but also has some subtle evolutions to its own identity.

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