Fjällräven Manchester is back open

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Those sweet Swedes sure do know how to do things properly. If countries were brands, I think my favourite brand would be Sweden. Their way of life, their outlook, their absolutely gorgeous country, their appreciation for nice things… they just get it don’t they?

Fortunately, there’s a little slice of Stockholm in Manchester, just a ten minute walk from where I sit now. Having been forced to close its doors due to some sort of virus in the last year (not sure on the details tbh), it’s back in pole position as prime purveyor of premium pieces of really nice clothing and equipment.

We know everyone isn’t based within a stone’s throw of Manchester but sometimes it makes sense to promote local businesses. The appeal of an actual, physical shopping experience shouldn’t be forgotten and in the Fjallraven Manchester store there’s a really nice example.

A number of new arrivals have landed in store, including their High Coast range and quite a few pieces of outerwear which will help you thwart these mad rainy days we’ve been having.

If you’re in the area, (or even if you’re not) it’s worth heading to see them at 15-17 Old Bank St, Manchester M2 7PE

I had pizza for tea.

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