Fjällräven Ulvӧ Hip Pack

The only downside to heatwaves is that you don’t have a jacket or big jeans pockets to stash all your essentials into. Whilst putting anything remotely weighty into the pocket of a pair of shorts carries the risk of you being arrested for (accidental) indecent exposure. The solution to this, is of course a hip pack or bumbag to use the latin term. Fill it with all your bits and bobs then wear it like a belt or over your arm/around your neck like erm… a neck/arm thing. The large Ulvӧ hip pack from Fjällräven is an ideal piece of kit for just these kind of Summery scenarios and is also made from waterproof bergshell material which is handy for the odd occasions when it absolutely pisses it down, which will probably be when you’re about to watch Stormzy headline Glastonbury.

Buy a Fjällräven Ulvӧ Hip Pack from Oi Polloi here.


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