Flogging a Dead Horse: The Life and Works of Jake and Dinos Chapman (Rizzoli)


4 TWhat I really like about books and particularly books on art is their ability to transfix the reader in a uniquely intimate and direct manner. Sending all that arty good/mad-ness straight through your eyes and into the part of your brain labelled ‘stuff I don’t fully understand but really like all the same’. However when it comes to a book containing all of the subversive and celebrated Chapman brothers work from the past 20 years, then we’re truly into another realm of arty experiences all together (man). For me, the body of work contained within these pages are somehow even more mind-blowing  when viewed on the page and in the comfort of home than when seen in the flesh, so to speak. And boy is there a lot of flesh, from genital faced children to the tiny victims of their convincing model village-esque depiction of hell, this weighty and wonderful tome poses more moral questions than the bible. Flogging a Dead Horse is edited by the Chapman brothers themselves (with the cover and it’s fantastically creepy slip-case designed by Dinos) and is an absolute must have item for fans of their work. I just hope that their sister Tracy is proud of them.


Jake and Dinos Chapman One Day You Will No Longer Be Loved I 2008 a4

4 T

Jake and Dinos Chapman It was a romantic setting 2008 a4

4 T

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