Folk Packable Jacket in ‘Featherweight Pink’

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I wish I knew the actual name of this jacket or whether or not Folk have actually given it one. Instead I just have it’s ‘featherweight pink’ colour to go off, which I guess is it’s most discernible feature. It takes a certain type of person to wear a pink jacket, I’d say you have to be someone who doesn’t want to be part of the crowd, a person who likes to make their own rules and perhaps who has an understanding of the calming nature of certain colours. With subtle Folk branding on the front and a packable, lightweight sporty design this could well be your go to jacket this spring when it’s time to hit the beer garden and you don’t want to bring the arty down by turning up like you’re dressed for a funeral.

Buy the Folk jacket in Featherweight Pink from Aphrodite here.


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