Footlocker x adidas Originals Tubular ft. A$AP Rocky

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There was a time when sports footwear were designed with pure purpose in mind. Sure, you can scour the web and find pics of a 60s Steve McQueen and John Lennon wearing pumps, but by and large, until the late 70s, people work trainers for sport. Fast-forward to the future, aka 2015 and the contemporary cool points are added in a more deliberate manner. This three legged link up between Footlocker, adidas and Harlem’s Rakim Mayers (aka A$AP Rocky) is a cracker. Despite being aimed at someone somewhat more youthful than my (almost) 37 years, these Tubular tick boxes for me all over the place.


Usually, we just sit and write what comes naturally about products we like. Occasionally, we’ve been offered money to write about stuff that we would never wear. Yeah, proper “I wouldn’t wear those if you paid me” tackle. These Tubular are a pair of trainers I would wear, ¬†whether you paid me or not. The fact I am being paid for writing this is just a happy coincidence.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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