Forét is a Lifestyle Choice as well as a Clothing Designer

Forét wants the world to slow down and reflect on its purchases. 

Forét is a Danish brand with a French name and a slowed down Scandinavian approach to nature-inspired clothing. Imagine them as the bridge between Norse Projects and Patagonia – smart, enthusiastic, kindhearted. 

Their design is consistent with care for the Earth, reflecting a palette with natural tones, minimal fuss, and an emphasis on organic and recycled materials. Forét aims to encourage consumers to slow down, take five and enjoy the ride. In this way, Forét intends to showcase a lifestyle choice as much as an approach to fashion. 

With thought-out clothes like this Hedge Fleece, where super-fine recycled polar fleece is repurposed into a Khaki pull over, branding is kept minimal and discrete, letting quality speak first. 

Browse more of Forét’s clothing at Yards Store. 

Forét at Yards Store.

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