Fred Perry Sports Authentic

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Once again, the man Joey Barker from Working Class Heroes has done us proud by doing another sterling write up on the latest drop of Fred Perry Sports Authentic gear that’s arrived up there in Ulverston. So without further ado, take it away Jay….

You know that very specific sub-genre of movie from the 70s where some sports team or another acts as the underdog in some high-stakes league game where it’s all on the table. It gives you some kind of sickly sweet feeling in your gut where you’re rooting for the little man but then the sheer about of mullet, moustache and low-key spandex makes you feel all kind of other emotions. Thankfully, these movies weren’t the only cultural spike in the sporting world during the 70s.

In the later part of the decade a new kind of sportswear began to develop. New technologically advanced materials came into play which were lighter and more breathable, providing athletes with a better chance of winning the ‘big game’ and then high-fiving the old coach. These man-made fibres were dyed in bright, vibrant colours and together they changed the way sport look forever.

Tennis legend Fred Perry‘s brand began with something as simple as a tennis white – a garment considerably more conservative and reserved than a bright yellow tracksuit jacket. However, as time churned on and the brand grew Fred Perry began to develop more silhouettes which were contemporary for the day – and so in the 70s they of course made new colourful sporting excellence.

The Sports Authentic Collection takes a look back at these original pieces from the brands heritage. With detailing as iconic as the Fred Perry taping and simple but effective materials such as cotton/polyester blends, the collection is now live and is filled with archive branding.

Shop the FredPerry Sports Authentic collection at Working Class Heroes here.


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