Fred Perry x Raf Simons

Thanks to his longstanding collaboration with Fred Perry your man Raf Simons continues to use this platform to rework stuff from his own youth in order to make some equally as appealling to the youth of today. So whilst your average 20 year old might not instantly get the DIY Punk aesthetic behind the contrasting collars and the duct tape he’s used, they’ll hopefully still get dead excited about it all.. Then after putting it on they’ll also go and smash up a phone box, sniff some glue and start a band with their mates that changes the world. At least that’s what I’m hoping for, either way it’s a super strong collection of modernist menswear that just happens to have ‘dropped over at Grants 1856 and it deserves your immediate attention whther you’re a young punk or an old one.

Shop the Raf Simons x Fred Perry collection at Grants 1856 here.


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