Fred Perry x Raf Simons batch of patches

Simon’s latest interpretation of the iconic Fred Perry garments sees him recreate a world of northern soul.

Raf Simons regularly explores english music culture in his work. One of his most iconic pieces is undoubtedly the parka featuring the artwork from New Order’s Power corruption and lies. There is a charm in recontextualising the visual language of these past subcultures into the present, the now feels like a melting pot in which you could embody any of the past subcultures you wished.

In his latest collection with Fred Perry, Simons highlights the brand’s connection to northern soul. In the 70s & 80s venues across the midlands and north of England played host to legendary all day parties soundtracked by soul music which laid the blueprint for dance music as we now know it. There was a uniform and culture that surrounded the scene with expression via patches being a significant component.

This forms the basis of Simons exploration of the culture. The latest collection features patches that mimic the style of the records being played at the time as well as the logos of the different crews who prided themselves on their dancing abilities.

Take a full look a the collection at John Anthony here.

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