FRITZ KAHN: Anatomy of Ideas (Taschen)

va_fritz_kahn_p104preview_va_fritz_kahn_1309051602_id_725075For me Fritz Kahn is a total hero, as not only did he escape those dickhead Nazis in the 1930s (who burned all his books) but he is also pretty much solely responsible for bringing a real sense of fun and artistic merit to the previously quite dull and drab world of science via his truly incredible drawings. Paying their utmost respect to this somewhat forgotten yet much copied master of info-graphics Taschen are celebrating the 125th anniversary of Fritz’s birth by way of this beautiful big monograph that’s filled with over 350 phenomenal illustrations. If I’d have had this book when I was at school there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have been made to stand outside the science block fiddling with the fire-alarm for an hour during every Physics/Chemistry lesson I ever ‘attended’ and would now have my own skin-care range/meth lab. It’s a magical book with mass appeal that will entertain to fans of cartoon strip the Numbskulls and B-movie Fantastic Voyage as much as it will hardcore fans of medical history and twentieth century European art. It’s pretty cool for kids too, especially ones who want to know just where their alphabet shapes go to once they’ve swallowed them. Buy it HERE




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