Frizmworks is Korea’s Sartorial answer to KFC

Do you know why Korean Fried Chicken is so good? There’s a whole host of answers here: the depth of sauces, the umami brines, the skill of preparation, etc. But, I hear you ask, What’s this got to do with jackets?

Well, the same thing that makes Korean Fried Chicken – nothing to do with the Kentucky’s Colonel – so good is analogous to what makes Korean jackets so good: the attention to detail, the stitching, and, what Oi Polloi calls the “flash-frying” of Eastern flavour. Frizmworks makes an outstanding range of jackets filled with duck feathers. This duck-down parka, these relaxed two tuck pants, this American-infused varsity jacket.

Frizmworks’ clothes are the perfect manifestation of KFC: American-Korean fusions. Frizmworks’ is a brand that makes clothes with the same technical aspects of what makes good fried food – be it American or Korean. Technical similarity and exceptional outcomes. 

Shop the new range of Frizmworks at Oi Polloi.

Frizmworks at Oi Polloi.

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