From Japan with Love: Edwin Enitsuj Shirt

Edwin is one of the many exceptional things to come out of Japan. It’s mad, really. All those G.I.’s during the second world war, occupying the country, mingling with the locals, introducing beautiful things like spam, ketchup, and denim. 

Honestly – spam sushi (it’s a thing, I promise). A whole entire sub-genre of food dedicated to the explicit use of ketchup in dishes (again, I swear). And of course, the introduction of denim. What’s so exceptional though – and this is such a Japanese thing (I’m sure they’d let me say this) – is that when something is introduced into Japanese culture, it is mastered, tweaked, honed. If you want something pushing to its limits, drop it off in Japan and come back in 20 years. Anyway: Edwin. A primo denim brand. 

The shirt we’re talking about isn’t even made of denim. It’s garment-dyed, but you can be sure it’s done with the same care and love. Japan’s relationship with dyeing is another story, one I haven’t got time to finish here. Tune in next time for more mildly interesting historical-cultural tangents.


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