From the Pitch to the Pavement – adidas Predator Celebration Pack

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It’s the business end of the season. It’s the point when everyone has their phone battery blowing a gasket as flashscores refreshes with results from around the country and 87th minute equalisers 200 miles away become more meaningful.

All this drama culminates in a final day final act where the winners run around like kids who’ve overdosed on e-numbers and the losers sit down, dejected. Football eh? It’s alright isn’t it? Quite good.

adidas have taken this drama, put it in an arranged marriage with their iconic Predator boot and come up with something your very trendy mate could definitely pull off.

Apparently the primeknit pattern is inspired by the confetti cannons fired as the captain holds aloft their trophy, simultaneously angering the groundsman and indeed your Dad (aka ‘me’) who asks “What’s wrong with just punching the air then going home?”

It’s hitting all the right notes, then.

Hanon have these. You should tell your very trendy mate.

I had pizza for tea.

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