Galatasaray 2017/18 away jersey by Nike

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Nike always knock-up great kits for Galatasaray but for this year’s effort for the boys from the banks of the Bosphorus, they’ve upped their game even more with this white / peachy-orange number that can only be described as fit as fuck.

Galatasaray recently raised hopes in the red half of Manchester by suggesting they were interested in signing Man United’s lumbering Belgian bellend Marouane Fellaini. The chances of this deal happening now seem remote which, whilst heart-breaking for United supporters, is joyous news for polyester aesthetes everywhere. The thought of that crank forcing his big stupid head through the neck of such a beautiful shirt is sickening.

Unlike most contemporary club shirts, even the sponsor looks classy on this beauty. Nef said. The jersey is available from, the Galatasaray club shop, and Oi Polloi.

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