Garment Dyed Paul & Shark

The phrase ‘garment dyed’ gets used a lot in menswear – well, in fashion in general. As well as offering a neat way to name a particular piece, it is a reference to the stage at which an item is dyed. For example, at the beginning of clothing production, a yarn might be dyed and then weaved and worked with. Garment dyed means that the garment – after it’s arrived at the stage in which it can be called a garment – is dyed in whole.

As well as being useful for production (it literally revolutionised clothing production in the ’80s), it results in pre-shrinking, which means your clothing will be softer and hardier. 

This Paul & Shark overshirt, available in both military green and navy, has been made according to the garment-dyed process. It has a hardy collar, a button-up center, zip pockets, and, of course, the signature shark patch logo. 

Browse Paul & Shark at Pockets. 

Paul & Shark at Pockets.

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