Gloverall at Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi, as well as stocking some of Gloverall’s best duffle coats, have just shot the beautiful staple in the best way possible: duffle coat – hoodie – trackies – wallabees. There’s something about this combination that oozes class, despite the fact that there’s trackies and a hoodie involved – a pairing that would have every Daily Mail reader quivering. The beige tones and clean palate really drive the styling home, while the wallabees and duffle coat turn this into the ultimate cozy-smart outfit. 

Gloverall have been manufacturing duffle coats in England since the 1950s, and Oi Polloi is one of their trusted stockists. For a brand that’s been around long enough to equip events such as the first Transglobe Expedition, gaining royal approval – like that official stamp you get on UK sugar and Heinz – this is big news. 

Go scope out the range at Oi Polloi.

Gloverall at Oi Polloi

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