Goldwin Launches Re-Optimum Paper Series Crafted From KODENSHI Technology

Japanese brand Goldwin is back with more innovation, having just launched a new Re-Optimum paper series, developed for recovery using KODENSHI technology. If you don’t know what KODENSHI is, join the club. Or at least the club we were in until we ready about it.

Basically KODENSHI fibre is a high-performance material that has efficacy to promote recovery by increasing the quality of passive rest. This works on the knowledge that when our body temperature drops by 1 degree our immune system also drops, by a whopping 37%. This means all the natural healing qualities of the human body aren’t functioning at their peak and as a result the body doesn’t recover as effectively or as quickly.

The KODENSHI fibres are designed to guard against this and to make sure your restorative time actually restores you. The fibres contain a blend of ultra-fine ceramics that recycle natural far infrared radiation from the body to help maintain a constant body temperature for enhanced relaxation, comfort and help us recover properly. Not entirely sure what any of that means but you know, science and that.

Aside from the technology, the brands’ attention to detail and ongoing exploration into nature and the science behind our bodies recovery has been geared towards creating this series. This makes for something that not only looks after you, but looks great too.

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